School Excursions

We offer one-day excursions for groups of schoolchildren.

Through different educational programmes children learn about nature, healthy food, ecology and farm life.

The programme is chosen according to the age of the children:

  • Orchard – a source of our health
  • Farmer – a job with many joys and skills
  • Forest – a balanced ecosystem and possibility of using wood
  • Colourful spring meadow
  • Food – important for our health
  • Ecology – a man is a part of nature
  • History – our teacher

Upon arrival children are offered homemade snack: plum jam, butter, honey, cheese, cottage cheese, home baked bread, homemade apple juice, milk and mint tea.

We stress the importance of organic farming, the programme can be adapted to your lesson plans, aims and wishes. Children get a worksheet which you may choose to complete on the farm, at home or at school. After the programme children relax and play in the wooden playground or go to the viewpoint.

The programme is carried out by our family firm TUBI Turizem d.o.o.

The minimum group size is 40 pupils.

If you have a smaller group booking, the price is the same.


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